CNN's Chris Cuomo grills squirming Trump advisor on tax records: 'You have any proof of an audit?'
Chris Cuomo (CNN)

CNN's Chris Cuomo grilled Donald Trump's communications director on transparency after he called on Hillary Clinton to release all her emails.

Jason Miller, the Trump advisor, said he did not accept the FBI's explanation that newly discovered emails were actually duplicates of Clinton messages already examined by investigators.

"No, don't accept it -- they should release all the emails, let us have a look before Election Day," Miller said. "We think that would be the smart thing to do."

Cuomo, the host of "New Day," accused the Trump campaign of hypocrisy.

"You love transparency when it's not you guys," Cuomo said. "You don't see any irony in that?"

Cuomo called on Trump to release his emails -- which have not been hacked and then dumped online by WikiLeaks -- or his tax records, and Miller said he would do that as soon as an IRS audit was completed.

"You think anybody believes the audit thing going to the polls tomorrow?" Cuomo said. "You have any proof of an audit?"

Miller stammered, and said of course Trump could prove his taxes were under audit.

"Yeah, you do?" Cuomo said. "Have you seen an audit letter?"

Miller tried to change the subject, but Cuomo pressed on.

"That is the fact, right?" Cuomo said. "Transparency only works one way in this election where Trump's involved."

Miller tried changing the subject to the Clinton Foundation, and Cuomo offered to demonstrate how easy an audit can be proved.

"I'll show you an audit letter I got," he said.