'Deplorable' suspect draws blood from poll worker by hiding box cutter blades in Trump-Pence sign
Box cutter blades found in Trump-Pence sign (KTVT/screen grab)

An election worker in Plano, Texas was reportedly injured by box cutter blades that were hidden in a Trump-Pence campaign sign.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the sign was found zip-tied to an official polling site sign at 2800 East Spring Creek Parkway at Collin College.

According to KTVT, the sign was placed where the suspect knew that poll workers would have to remove it. And after a precinct official ordered the sign taken down, a volunteer was sliced open by the hidden box cutter blades. The blades drew blood but luckily the cuts were not serious.

County Democratic campaign chair Steve Spainhouer told KTVT that the incident was "deplorable."

"It just shows how far we have come in politics where people want to be so mean and so hateful to try and injure somebody who's probably not got any political party persuasion one way or the other," Spainhouer said. "I think most people have already made their minds up at this point how they're going to vote and so there's nothing to gain by being mean spirited or hateful."

The Texas Rangers were reportedly investigating the incident at the request of precinct officials. Collin College said in a statement that all signs on campus were being inspected for sharp objects.

Watch the video below from KTVT, broadcast Nov. 2, 2016.