Federal workers hope they can minimize Trump’s harm because ‘everything is f*cked'
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Rhona Wise )

Federal employees are about to get a new boss -- and many of them are terrified.

Deadspin published emails from seven workers at various agencies and departments sharing their thoughts on the Donald Trump administration.

"My office contributes to the daily intelligence briefing, and I can’t imagine what a Trump administration is going to do with so much information (often hastily gathered and sometimes wrong) and so many tools at their disposal," said an employee of the Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration.

The worker said federal employees were already demoralized as the "favorite congressional scapegoat," but now they're looking at freezes in their pay and benefits -- or worse.

"Everything. Is. Fucked," the DHS/TSA employee said.

An attorney in an unspecified regulatory agency warned that Trump and his partners could use the tools of government to punish their enemies.

"There’s real fear here," the attorney said. "People know that Trump has an enemies list. They know he has no idea how to go about governing, but that he has people he will put into place who may not have specific policy ideas, but have general goals that will impact vulnerable people."

The attorney begged other federal workers not to jump ship, because they were needed to lessen the harm that inexperienced or malevolent replacements might do, but cautioned them not to run afoul of the law prohibiting certain federal employees from engaging in political activity.

"When asked to drastically downsize a federal entitlement program or to change the benefit structure in such a way as to disparately impact minorities, we’ll be happy to reduce it less than someone else would have," the attorney said. "We will exult in reducing the evil an iota. But performing lesser evils does not absolve us. We will have to work hard with outside groups outside of work to maintain our moral compasses while staying within the parameters of the Hatch Act."