'I don't know what he's talking about': GOP senator slaps down Trump's 'illegal' voters conspiracy
Senator James Lankford (Screen cap).

Donald Trump threw more gasoline on the fire this weekend when he falsely claimed that he only lost the popular vote because "millions" of people voted for Hillary Clinton illegally.

When asked about Trump's completely unsupported assertion on CNN's New Day on Monday, Republican Sen. James Lankford threw cold water on it and said he didn't believe that voter fraud cost Trump the popular vote.

"I've not seen any voter irregularity in the millions," Lankford said. "There's always some on the edges, but I've not seen anything on the [level of] millions, I don't know what he was talking about."

Lankford wasn't the only Republican to slap down Trump's claims, either. Tom Rath, a longtime Republican adviser and former attorney general of New Hampshire, took to Twitter on Sunday evening to specifically say that Trump's claim of "mass voter fraud" in New Hampshire had no basis in reality.

"This will probably cost me my spot in the Cabinet but there was no fraud, serious or other, in this election in NH," Rath wrote. "There just wasn't."

Watch the video interview of Sen. Lankford below.