Joy Behar: Trump's win proves 'men can get away with anything and women can get away with nothing'
Joy Behar (The View)

The women of the View Wednesday tried to process news of a Donald Trump victory, with Joy Behar making the case that gender played a major role in the election results.

Discussing the fact that Republicans now control the White House, both branches of Congress and have a likely path to put a conservative on the Supreme Court, Behar told President-Elect Donald Trump “we’re watching you, okay?”

“The only checks and balances we have are us, The View,” she added.

Noted conservative Candace Cameron-Bure responded saying she understands the pain felt by her co-hosts, but hoped the country can come together with humility “because god says ‘when we humble ourselves.’”

“God says a lot of wonderful stuff, he really does,” Whoopi Goldberg responded. “And I like god a lot. But I have to say, given the bigger picture of what Donald Trump represents, it is not so comfortable for me because not only does he now threaten how things are going to be done with kids of color, with women’s rights, with my right to decide what is right for my body, not what somebody else says what is right.”

Goldberg asked “whether we are a nation who believes in people’s rights as they are Constitutionally guaranteed.”

“You know what I learned,” Behar replied. “I learned that, as usual men can get away with anything and women can get away with nothing. That’s what I learned.”

“He was unbelievably decisive, bigoted, racist, homophobic, against handicapped people, against John McCain, and yet he won,” she continued. “She made some mistakes, but not like that."

Jedediah Bila countered that voters elected him because of Obamacare, not because of gender, while Behar shot back that Trump once said he believed in single-payer healthcare which is, as the co-host said, “socialism.”

“You know what, it happened,” Goldberg interjected.

“He’s not going to do anything he says,” Behar said.

“Well if he doesn’t we can kick his ass out,” Goldberg replied.

The hosts ended the segment on a positive note.

“Here’s the good news,” Behar said. “Comedians are gonna have a ball.”

“Yeah, it might be a while before we start laughing again though.” Goldberg concluded.

Watch the video below, via ABC.