Lisa Bloom -- the attorney representing a woman who says Donald Trump raped her when she was 13 years old -- appeared as a phone-in guest on The Stephanie Miller Show Wednesday ahead of a live press conference scheduled for the afternoon.

Miller welcomed Bloom to the show and the two began to try and count up how many woman are currently claiming that Trump raped or assaulted them.

"This is the conversation we're having now, Lisa," marveled Miller, "where we're having a hard time keeping track of sexual assault or rape allegations against someone that has a good chance of becoming president."

Bloom said she's heard from a number of women who are still too frightened to come forward. "Behind the scenes, there's a lot of fear, there's a lot of trauma," she said.

She is currently representing Jill Harth, the woman who made the first assault allegations against Trump.

"The fear is overwhelming," she said. "Donald Trump has threatened to sue everyone. His followers have been known to be violent. There are very rational reasons why women don't come out with stories of sexual assault. Most women don't."

Miller asked about the woman who alleges that Trump raped her when she was 13.

"I have met with her on a number of occasions. I do find her credible," Bloom said. "But as of the moment I do not want to say any more."

The woman -- who has been known as Jane Doe or "Katie Johnson" up to this point -- claims that Trump forcibly raped her when she was an aspiring model. The attack, she said, took place at an "orgy" at the home of convicted child molester and former financier Jeffrey Epstein in 1994.

Trump has not responded specifically to any of the accusers, Bloom said, "He did to them just what he always does, which is attack anybody who criticizes him for anything."

Bloom said that were she representing a woman in active litigation against Trump, the Access Hollywood tape "would be my exhibit A."

"He talks not only about grabbing women's genitals, but about what his motivation is for doing it," Bloom said, "how he gets off on being a star and the transgressive nature of being able to break the rules and do whatever he wants. That's the big kick he gets out of it. I think that's very significant."

Bloom and her law firm have offered to represent any woman who comes forward with a story of sexual assault by Trump who gets sued for defamation, as Trump has said he intends to do. She pointed out to Miller that no attorney has subpoena powers until they are actively engaged in litigation, but once that happens, the Access Hollywood tape and the rumored Apprentice tapes will be entered into evidence.

With regards to the threats to sue, Bloom pointed to Trump's recent threat to sue the New York Times. "We're still waiting, tick-tock!"

"It's so painful and scary for them," she said, "and I spend a lot of time on the phone with them walking them through the fear."

Trump, she said, is bluffing.

"He's all bluster," she said. "He's a big bully."

Listen to the interview, which begins around 1:34:00 in the video embedded below: