Megyn Kelly: Trump strategically paints media as ‘scum,’ ‘not to be believed’ to discredit coverage
Megyn Kelly appears on Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

In a two-part interview with CNN's Don Lemon, Fox News host Megyn Kelly admitted that she thinks President-Elect Donald Trump is intentionally trying to discredit the media in an effort to ensure criticism of him is never believed.

As Kelly promoted her new book, Settle for More, she told pal Lemon that she was proud of Trump for bringing former foe Mitt Romney to Trump Tower.

"It's fascinating he reached out to Mitt Romney," she said. "What a great thing to do. That's a great gesture by Donald Trump. They could not -- Mitt Romney could not have ripped on Donald Trump any more than he could. Clearly, he's sending a signal he can let grudges go, let bygones be bygones."

But when Lemon asked Kelly if Trump could do that with his war on the media, Kelly said simply, "no."

Lemon quoted Kelly's previous statements about the media needing to "steal their spines" as a result of their adversarial relationship.

"As a strategy, he's hoping to discredit the media that'll render any criticism of him, you know, unnecessary -- unbelievable, not believable," Kelly said. "And so, if he can paint all of us with this wide brush of 'we're disgusting' and 'scum' and not to be trusted, then it doesn't matter what we report or what we write because we're scum and we're disgusting and we're not to be believed. I think it's a strategy of his. I also think he really gets upset when he sees negative press, even though he generates it intentionally in a way."

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