'Not for n****rs': Flier warns black students not to donate blood at high school blood drive
Smiling patient lying on a bed in hospital ward (Shutterstock.com)

Fallston High School in Harford County, Maryland has launched an investigation after a racist message scrawled on a blood drive flier tried to discourage African-American donors.

WMAR reported that the school became aware of the incident when a student shared a photo of the flier on social media.

The photo shows an advertisement for a Dec. 5 blood drive sponsored by the American Red Cross. At the bottom of the flier, someone scrawled the words, "P.S. Not for n****rs."

On Saturday, the school responded by saying that an investigation was underway.

"This is not accepted or tolerated in our schools," the statement insisted. "The flyer was removed and an investigation has been initiated."