Donald Trump will enter office as the most disliked new president in recent history after emerging victorious in a highly divisive election.

Could there be a simple way for Trump to make amends with opponents and heal America's wounds? One petition thinks that there is, although it will involve breaking the law and force-feeding psychedelic mushrooms to the president-elect.

The petition -- which is titled "Force Trump to eat shrooms until he realises we are all one" -- posits that "everybody should shroom at least once in their lives" and that giving mushrooms to Trump would result in "less war, less corporate bailouts, more love for everyone of all races and gender (no, Donald , grabbing the pussy isn't the same as love)."

The theory seems to be that by taking mushrooms, Trump will undergo the phenomenon known as "ego death," which commonly occurs among people who take hallucinogens. In essence, people who take mushrooms or LSD often report feelings that they are no longer separate entities, but are part of a larger cosmic fabric.

An ego as big as Trump's would be hard to kill, of course, so the petition recommends that the Food and Drug Administration give him regular doses.

You can sign the petition for yourself at this link.