Pro-Trump nutters freak out over Lady Gaga 'Nazi' outfit that was actually a Michael Jackson tribute

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton brought out the star power at her last rally before Election Day, including performances from Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga, and conservatives weren't happy.

No, it wasn't about Clinton this time, but about Gaga's outfit. Some conservatives took to Twitter to express their discontent over Lady Gaga's "Nazi attire," according to Consequence of Sound.

One person wrote on Twitter, ". this is Grand Rapids after midnight! We don't need lady "nazi dress" gaga. "

It seems hypocritical that conservatives would freak out over an alleged "Nazi dress" while supporting a candidate whose campaign has used anti-semitic language and rhetoric, who attracts a support base of alt-right voters who engage with similar concepts.

Gaga's outfit was not a "Nazi dress," however. She actually sported a jacket that was once worn by Michael Jackson.