Rabid Trump supporters mistakenly threaten to boycott Hamilton Theater in Canada
Angry man (Shutterstock)

A small theater in Canada was mistakenly inundated with attacks from angry supporters of President-elect Donald Trump because it shares a name with the Broadway musical "Hamilton."

Over the weekend, Trump lashed out at the "Hamilton" musical on Twitter after one the actors told Vice President-elect Mike Pence that Americans were worried about losing their civil and human rights under the new administration.

Trump supporters amplified the future president's ire by launching Twitter attacks on the musical and its actors. But some of those attacks were mistakenly directed at Hamilton Theatre Inc., a small musical theater located in Ontario, according to CNN.

"I WAS GOING 2c THAT SHOW NOT ANYMORE Hope the owners of the show feel some $ pain from this," one Trump fan wrote.

The administrator for Hamilton Theater's Twitter account, Riane Leonard, told CNN that she was shocked when Twitter users began threatening a boycott.

"The first one I saw was something like, 'I'm never supporting Hamilton Theatre again.'" she explained. "I wondered what we could have done to upset this person because I thought it had been a really good show."

"These angry Americans had tagged us by mistake," Leonard realized. "But by this point, some of them were liking and retweeting. There was really no way of stopping them or correcting them. It was getting a little bit out of control."

But after CBC highlighted the story, Leonard was pleased to see supporters of the theater speak up on Twitter.

"We've just gotten a massive outpouring of support from people -- not just in Hamilton, in America," she said. "It's been so overwhelming."