Road-raging Colorado man 'proves his point' by fatally shooting driver who flipped him off
David Garcia

A Colorado man shot and killed another driver who flipped him off during a road rage incident.

Investigators found surveillance video that showed an Audi TT coupe, which turned out to be stolen, driving closely behind the victim's vehicle before he crashed Saturday in Denver, reported KDVR-TV.

The Audi's driver, later identified as 28-year-old David Garcia, waived his Miranda rights and admitted that he'd been involved in the fatal shooting of Miguel Baray, also 28 years old.

Garcia told police he honked at the other driver after he had to wait more than five to seven seconds at a stop sign, and Baray flipped him off.

So Garcia accelerated and pulled alongside Baray and pointed a .45-caliber handgun out the window and pulled the trigger, but he claimed he hadn't aimed at the man and was only trying to "prove his point."

Instead of going over the vehicle, as Garcia assumed, the bullet struck and killed the other driver.

Baray crashed into a parked car, and he died later at an area hospital.

Garcia, who was wanted on another warrant for assault and aggravated robbery, remains jailed on first-degree murder charges.

He is also a suspect in the fatal Thanksgiving Day shooting of 20-year-old Luis Zamora-Ornelas, but he has not yet been charged in that case.