‘Stop right now!’ CNN fact check of Trump surrogate’s attack on Clinton devolves into a screamfest
CNN's real-time factcheck devolves into a screamfest (Photo: Screen capture)

A CNN panel turned into a fact-checking nightmare that ultimately devolved into shouting on Tuesday morning when New York Republican Party regional chairman John LaValle was accused of spouting off distorted facts.

As many Trump surrogates are prone to do, LaValle began by inventing facts about early voting, claiming that his candidate, Donald Trump, is ahead in early voting. Early voting shows Clinton in the lead in many states. In fact, the margin in Nevada is so large that it is generally regarded that Nevada has already been won.

LaValle kept repeating false facts as Margaret Hoover shook her head in disbelief. "That's not true. That's not true," she repeated over and over.

LaValle then went off on the email problems claiming that over 600,000 of Clinton's emails had recently been found. CNN hosts Kate Bolduan and John Berman cut in to clarify that those emails belonged to Anthony Weiner and were on his computer. Lavalle persisted, and that's when Bolduan couldn't take any more.

"John, are you not listening to the words that are coming out of our mouths?!" Bolduan shouted at him. "We have to fact-check you live. Stop! Stop!"

"No! These are the facts!" LaValle maintained.

"Yes, there are 650,000 e-mails related to Anthony Weiner's investigation," Bolduan said. "John, you know I love you, but stop right now. There are 650,000 e-mails related to the Anthony Weiner investigation. We don't know if they're related, what percentage is related at all to Hillary Clinton, went through Hillary Clinton's server. We don't know anything. Just stick with the facts. You guys have a good argument without taking a leap.

"James Comey is going to make that announcement when some of those 650,000 e-mails pertain to Hillary Clinton, and I'm going to bet right now there are secure e-mails on those-" LaValle tried to say before Bolduan cut in.

"Look, but you don't know, and, again, you don't know how many," she concluded, and then moved on to talking to someone else.

Check out the insane video below: