'The KKK wants you': Placard found in MN high school twists Uncle Sam motto for klan recruitment
(Photo: Screen capture from supremacist site)

A small placard was found in a basement classroom of Irondale High School, a suburban school just north of Minneapolis.

A spokesperson for the school told KSTP news that the placard was small, approximately Post-It sized with the message, "The KKK wants you!" with a Klan member. It is a take off of the 1917 military recruitment poster featuring Uncle Sam which read "I want you for the U.S. Army."

They have identified the student responsible, however. "We're dealing with the student appropriately," The spokesperson said.

The school voted for Hillary Clinton in their mock election, but since the election the response has been very different. Earlier in November, officials at nearby schools Maple Grove High and Spring Lake Park High investigated racist graffiti found on school property. At Maple Grove it was in a bathroom on a door and toilet paper dispenser in the girls' restroom. Graffiti was also found in the ladies room at Spring Lake Park.

Irondale high has made an effort to allow students concerned about the election. They've launched talking circles, where students can discuss their fears and their desire for equality and inclusion. They've also helped students who want to post positive messages along the hallway walls.

"Words of love and care and kind things about our student body and we posted them all over the school; there was a huge turnout which was amazing and such an incredible feeling," student Syndee Hanson said.

Maple Grove students worked to combat the racist graffiti with positive messages as well. They handed out snacks and compassionate notes while other students painted a rock outside saying, "Love Will Conquer All."

KSTP has the full report here.