'Time for a tree and a rope': Texas judge calls for a lynching after seeing black suspect’s mugshot
Burnet County Judge James Oakley made racist comments on Facebook (Facebook.com)

A judge in Burnet County, Texas is under fire for a racist comment he allegedly made on Facebook about a black suspect accused of murdering a police officer.

According to the Austin Statesman, County Judge James Oakley is under fire for typing "Time for a tree and a rope" under a mugshot of accused cop-killer Otis Tyrone McKane, who was arrested on Monday in San Antonio and charged with the shooting death of police Det. Benjamin Marconi.

Oakley has since taken down the post, but blogger Larry Landaker of PEC Truthwatch was able to take a screen capture of the offensive comment before it disappeared.

Oakley lynching post

"What Mr. Oakley suggested was racist. A sitting County Judge in Texas has suggested that a black man accused of a crime in [San Antonio] should be lynched," wrote Landaker. "Do the members and employees of PEC agree with Mr. Oakley’s statement? Do the people of Burnet County? I trust they do not agree. I hope they believe America to be a nation of laws and due process. The accused is entitled to a defense before a jury, however heinous the accusations against him may be."

He continued, "This is not political correctness. It is racism in its rawest form and it is offensive. This cannot become the new norm."

Marconi was shot and killed while sitting in his cruiser on a traffic stop on Sunday.