Tom Cotton: I 'strongly support' going forward with Trump's wall and forcing cities to turn over immigrants
Tom Cotton joins CNN (Screengrab)

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday night to discuss the election result that gave the United States President Donald Trump.

Blitzer asked Cotton how he would respond if Trump offered him a spot in his administration. "He's going to need a lot of allies in the Senate when it comes to the military and building the wall and repealing Obamacare," Cotton said.

"Assuming that Donald Trump is going to be President of the United States on January 20th," Blizter started, "and immediately wants to start building that wall, and immediately is going to demand that Mexico is going to pay for that wall, where do you stand on that?"

Cotton responded, "Donald Trump promised that we're going to build a wall. We've needed one for a long time. We need more than that. We need to enforce immigration laws, we need to eliminate sanctuary cities, where cities have illegal immigrants that they don't turn over to federal authorities."

"I strongly support those proposals," Cotton continued. "We have to move further, I think, and re-evaluate our entire immigration policy because right now when we have so many folks who work with their hands and on their feet and haven't had a raise in decades in real dollars, we need to rethink whether we should be admitting a million new green card holders a year in this country and a million more visa holders."

And on the matter of the country accepting Syrian refugees who are fleeing violence, Cotton said, "We have to make sure that anyone who comes into this country is not going be a security risk to americans. Also, I think we need to take stock of whether we should be admitting the 450,000 refugees that President Obama admitted last year."

Watch the full clip below.