Tomi Lahren gloats: ‘Deplorable’ slurs like ‘racist’ have no meaning after Trump’s win
Tomi Lahren (Facebook)

Tomi Lahren took a victory lap as she urged Donald Trump's opponents to fall in line behind the president-elect.

The host from Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" website attacked the political and media establishment in a Sarah Palin-esque rant normalizing the "deplorable" behavior of some Trump supporters.

"They don't get us, they don't get everyday Americans," Lahren said. "They thought they could shame us with their labels. Yeah, for them, we were the racists, the Islamophobes, the sexists, the homophobes, the bigots, the deplorable, irredeemable rednecks with no education and no voice."

"Well, they were wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong," Lahren said. "The only thing they can label us now: winners."

She urged Hillary Clinton supporters and "never Trump" Republicans who had "turned their backs on their fellow Americans" to salute the newly elected president.

"Stop, we need you," Lahren said. "It's not Trump supporters vs. the world anymore, and it shouldn't be. It's Americans with Americans with Americans with Americans -- so start acting like it. Give the man the benefit of the doubt -- after all, you've been wrong about him from the start."

She said most Americans who thought Trump would make a bad president had been wrong about his chances of making it to the White House -- so they had no credibility in her eyes.

"Put your ego and your sour grapes aside and work with the guy," said Lahren, who has repeatedly suggested President Barack Obama encourages terrorism. "So he's not 'your guy' -- I get it, but what good does it do to sit in the corner and pout?"