‘Touched by a billionaire’: Actor Nathan Lane imagines hilarious TrumpTV lineup
Nathan Lane and Seth Meyers (NBC)

Seth Meyers Monday brought on showbiz insider Nathan Lane to provide insight on the exclusive programming lineup for the long-rumored TrumpTV network.

Lane—who knows “a guys who knows a guys who knows a guy” who provided him the potential schedule—explained that most of the network lineup is based on past successful shows “with a Trump twist.” Highlights will include “Modern, White, Heterosexual Family,” “Evicting the Jeffersons,” and “Eight Simple Rules for Me Dating My Daughter.”

Though Trump insisted last week he has “no interest” in creating TrumpTV, the long-rumored fallback venture should the Republican nominee lose to Hillary Clinton, Trump’s son-in-law and New York Observer owner Jared Kushner reportedly met with prominent media figures last month to discuss the possibility of a television venture.

Whether the rumored venture pans out after the election remains to be seen, but here’s hoping “Everybody Hates Chris Christie” makes the network’s primetime lineup.

Watch the video below, via NBC.