Trump advisor whines that calling out Bannon’s white supremacist ties is ‘divisive'
Trump communications director Jason Miller (Photo: Screen capture)

Apparently, it's "divisive" to point out Steve Bannon has ties to white supremacists. But according to Donald Trump's communication director Jason Miller said on CNN that it isn't divisive to appoint someone with ties to white supremacists to the White House.

Miller attempted to parrot the new message from the Trump transition, claiming that he's beyond attacking Mexicans, Muslims, women and all of the other groups targeted during the election. Instead, they want to move forward and bring the country together.

"New Day" host Chris Cuomo couldn't understand how that was possible with Bannon as Trump's right-hand man.

"The challenge is, to unite. Right? You have your numbers, their numbers on the other side, that reveal a very divided country. Popular vote, by almost any math, will not be in Donald Trump's favor. He won through the Electoral College. I'm not here to debate the Electoral College and the popular vote. The election is over. Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States. Period. He did not get a mandate from the Americans. He didn't get a mandate from any minorities. He got more than expected. Hillary Clinton underperformed. All true. But the challenge is to unite. Steve Bannon is not a statement of unity. This is a man whose wife said he didn't want his girls in a school because they had too many Jews there. Breitbart is what it is. Ted Cruz, whom you worked for, used to point to it as a poison affecting his own party. How is that a nod towards unity?"

Miller was bothered Cuomo would bring up something so divisive. "Again, I think that your focus on trying to divide people..."

Cuomo cut him off, "Not fair, Jason. Not fair. You put Bannon in position. Not me. I don't put out the headlines on Breitbart. He does. He is seen as the architect of a very effective strategy that Donald Trump used during the election, which you guys now say needs to be left behind. But you're bringing the architect of it with you. That's not on me."

Miller explained that Bannon's job has always been and will always be to implement Trump's vision.

When it comes to Trump's transparency about his taxes, don't hold your breath. Miller said that they only plan to release his taxes once the audit is over.

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