Trump entering office as the most disliked new president in recent history
Donald Trump, Jr with Donald Trump and Eric Trump (Joseph Sohm /

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has been crowing a lot about his shock election victory, the fact remains that he is not a popular figure -- and that's putting it mildly.

Gallup on Thursday compared favorability numbers between Trump and past presidents just after their first election victories. Unsurprisingly, Trump will enter office as the most disliked newly elected president in the polling firm's history -- and it's not even close.

The following compares the favorability of Trump with former presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton just before they took office:

George W. Bush had the highest unfavorable rating of any president to date measured by Gallup, which was likely at least in part due to the disputed election outcome in 2000. Even with a clear electoral college win, however, Trump's 55% unfavorable rating positively blows Bush out of the water.

"Trump, like his predecessors, will have to govern a nation that is divided politically," comments Gallup. "But Trump's challenge may be even greater, because the nation is arguably more divided than when his predecessors took office, perhaps as evidenced by several days of protests nationwide after his election. Trump also has far less public goodwill than Obama, Bush and Clinton did after they were elected. He won the election despite a historically low favorability rating and is the first candidate to win with a lower favorable rating than his opponent."