Trump will soon have the power to send every one of us unblockable text messages
Donald Trump appears on a person's smartphone (Shutterstock).

Even if you never use Twitter, there will be no escaping Donald Trump on your mobile phone.

CNET notes that once Trump becomes president in January, he will gain the power to send out nationwide, unblockable alerts to every mobile number in the United States.

In other words, if President Trump wants the entire country to know that Rosie O'Donnell is "a real loser" or that "dishonest CNN" is even worse than the "failing New York Times," he'll be able to tell everyone in the country about it -- and there will be no way to block him out.

Thankfully, these alerts are typically only used as emergency notifications, so it's unlikely that Trump will use them to broadcast his feuds with assorted celebrities. Nonetheless, given how unconventional his campaigning and governing style have proven to be so far, it can't be completely ruled out.