WATCH: Even Fox News's Hillary-hating legal analyst thinks Comey went too far
Andrew Napolitano (Fox News)

While it was predictable that Democrats would rip James Comey for his vague letter that reigniting the Hillary Clinton email controversy, a surprising number of Republicans have criticized the FBI director for it as well.

One of the most surprising conservative Comey critics so far is Andrew Napolitano -- Fox News's resident Clinton-hating legal analyst -- who surprised Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning by saying the FBI director overstepped his bounds with his latest update on the investigation.

"In my view, what Director Comey did... was to give the public a snapshot of where this investigation was at the time, which is prohibited by Department of Justice regulations and FBI regulations because it can be a misleading snapshot," Napolitano said. "His job is not to answer to the public, and it's not to answer to the Congress, it's to gather facts, give them to the Justice Department, let them decide what to do with it."

Other conservatives who have criticized Comey's handling of the latest developments in the case include Fox News bomb-thrower Jeanine Pirro and former Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh.

Watch the whole video of Napolitano's analysis below.