WATCH: Keith Olbermann’s urgent Election Day plea: A vote for Trump is ‘national suicide’
Keith Olbermann on Election Day (YouTube)

Political commentator Keith Olbermann gave his final remarks ahead of Tuesday's election in a morning segment of The Closer.

Olbermann explained the high stakes of the 2016 Election, noting how Hillary Clinton is representing the Democratic Party and Donald Trump represents "national suicide."

"The calendar says 2016," Olbermann said, only to suggest that it might as well say 1864 "because not since that day exactly 152 years ago have we Americans voted on whether or not to put ourselves out of existence."

He continued, "Go forward with Hillary Clinton, who at the worst will be a good president, hamstrung by an obstructionist Congress ... or put the full power of the government in the hands of an overwrought child, an amateur who believes he is God's gift to mankind and always had too much money to be impacted by his own failures."

Olbermann explained how American democracy is at risk, but not in the same way as in the past when foreign intervention is to blame. This time, he said, it was a "cancer, not merely growing within the country, but fed and fueled and nurtured and exploited by a psychopathic liar who has gamed democracy."

He suggested that, if elected, Trump would "happily and immediately extinguish" basic American freedoms that the country's democratic structure offers, while destroying that very democracy in the process. "That's how deadly serious today is."

"The Trump crisis of 2016, national suicide, the death of the United States of America can be prevented by voting."

Wacth his remarks in full below.