WATCH: Mark Halperin visibly shaken when Brian Williams calls out his fawning coverage of Trump
Mark Halperin (MSNBC)

Bloomberg co-managing editor and MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin spent much of the 2016 election as a de facto hype man for Donald Trump, often providing uncritical coverage of the Republican nominee. During a panel segment Friday, MSNBC host Brian Williams tore into Halperin for his overt partisanship, arguing he’s “gone out of [his] way” to forge a path for the GOP candidate.

“When Donald Trump complains that he is not getting favorable coverage on the MSM, he has not been listening to you this cycle,” Williams said. “I think you’ve gone out of your way to find the path, argue for the path, forge the path for him in an argumentative way with your co-host to the nomination.”

“Tonight I thought you were interestingly optimistic,” he continued. “Where are you getting the path of positivity laid out on your broadcast?”

Halperin looked visibly shaken by William’s question, insisting it's "not a question of optimism" but a question of looking at the data. Still, the Bloomberg editor admitted Clinton is “overwhelmingly the favorite” to win the election.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC.