WATCH: Olbermann tells 'man-baby-elect' Trump to get used to Americans booing him 'every day'
Keith Olbermann (Screen cap).

Keith Olbermann has put out a new video urging President-elect Donald Trump to grow a thicker skin -- because if he can't handle light booing from a Broadway audience, the next four years will make him miserable.

In his new video, Olbermann took Trump to task for going on whiny Twitter tirades against both the cast of Hamilton and Saturday Night Live for allegedly showing disrespect to both him and his administration.

"If he and Pence cannot handle booing, they should get new jobs in a new country," Olbermann said. "Because whether they hear it or not, they will be booed every day for the rest of their lives."

Olbermann then went on to discuss how Trump said that being booed by Broadway theater goers "should not happen," while also calling on the cast of Hamilton to "apologize" for their mildly critical statement delivered to Pence after the show. Olbermann said that while on the surface, this just seemed like "more petulance from the man-baby-elect," the reality is that "those tweets did not come in a vacuum."

"Before the election, Trump threatened to loosen up libel laws, singled out reporters by name to encourage abuse from the crowd at his rallies, promise to sue the New York Times, and had an adviser who criticized a TV host and tweeted, 'Watch what happens to her after this election is over,'" Olbermann recalled, before making a broader argument about Trump's disturbing views on the first amendment.

Check out the whole video below.