White man threatened for having black friends over: 'We just cleared the White House of n****rs!'
Andrew Provost (Facebook)

Andrew Provost, a Natick, Massachusetts resident posted on his Facebook over the weekend that he had received racist letters in his mailbox, apparently because Provost has Latino and black friends.

Provost wrote that he received the letters over the course of three days and that they "apparently" came from one of his neighbors on Maple street.

One of the notes was addressed to "small fella Maple 8" and warned, "1st warning."

The note threatened, "Hey looser shortie (sic) we have just cleared the White House off (sic) n*****s!!!! Do not bring n*****s in our neighborhood — you f*ck Latinos now you f*ck n*****s. We will kill them. Natick is strictly white. Warning."

Another note read as follows:

Mr Andrew,

This is a serious warning. Natick has a zero tolerance for black people.

All the neighborhood is complaining about the in and out of these people these days.

We tolerated the latinos now you are going total black. This trash belong to Dorchester. We have reclaimed our country back by selecting Trump and you are now messing up every thing (sic). Our kids and pets are scared to death.

This is the 2nd warning.

You do not want what happened on Elm str yrs back to happen to your house???????

Please make sure to get rid of those trash before 3rd warning..

Concerned Neighbors.

Provost wrote with his post, "I have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and of course the Natick Police are 100% behind me in investigating this horrendous action. I'm not even sure how this will end up."

He added, "I can tell you that I am 100% committed to stepping forward and bringing this person to justice."

Natick is a town in Massachusetts. The population is 85 percent white.