About 20 people have been trapped for several hours about 125 feet (38 m) in the air in an enclosed cabin of a ride at Knott's Berry Farm amusement park in Southern California on Friday, with rescue officials trying to find a way to get the people down.

The Sky Cabin, described as a "fully enclosed revolving observational deck", stopped in the afternoon and no one has been injured in the incident, the park said in a statement.

TV news video showed a fire department ladder reaching up along the tower where the platform is stuck but falling well short of the cabin. Various news reports have put the number aboard at between 18 to 21 people.

“What we’re going to do right now is formulate a plan on exactly how to bring them down,” Orange County Fire Authority Captain Larry Kurtz told local broadcaster CBS2.

The park said it has been in constant contact with those in the cabin.

(Reporting by Jon Herskovitz in Austin, Texas and the Los Angeles Bureau; Editing by Mary Milliken)