Anti-LGBT reality show wannabes warn HB2 repeal will force Christians to take part in sex revolution
Jason and David Benham (YouTube)

A pair of would-be reality TV stars lashed out at North Carolina lawmakers who are considering the repeal of an anti-LGBT measure that may have cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in business.

David and Jason Benham, whose extreme anti-LGBT views cost them an HGTV reality show before it began production, warned the repeal was a "political shakedown" that would allow civil rights activists to persecute Christians, reported Right Wing Watch.

Lawmakers were scheduled to meet Wednesday to discuss the repeal after Charlotte revised an ordinance that caused the Republican-controlled legislature to pass the controversial "bathroom bill."

“Here’s what they’re really after,” David Benham said in a Facebook video. “If you can repeal that, then they can go right back in and enact ordinances all over this state that will open up our bathrooms and our locker rooms to sexual predators. It will be open season on Christians that want to live out their faith in the marketplace and we will be targeted in the marketplace. That is exactly what is happening here.”

Republican lawmakers were upset that Charlotte repealed only the portions of its city ordinance that allowed transgender people to choose which public restrooms they wanted to use, but did not change discrimination policies for passenger vehicles for hire or city contractors.

The Benhams warned that HB2 must remain on the books to prevent Christians from being conscripted into the sexual revolution.

“House Bill 2 is the only hurdle the Human Rights Campaign and sexual activists need to remove so that they can go out and force participation in this sexual revolution,” David Benham said.