States across the country voted to legalize marijuana for either recreational or medical use during the November election. However, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery claimed that he expects the incoming president to "end the charade" of marijuana-legalization laws passed.

According to AZCentral, Montgomery's usual Wednesday press conference involved speculation on the upcoming administration's potential pivot in prosecution of marijuana. Currently, the Obama Administration's Justice Department decided not to prosecute marijuana crimes in states that passed their own laws legalizing it.

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"It's the job of the executive branch that laws are being executed," Montgomery said. "Today we have a number of states, through their own process of declaring something medical, that created a patchwork system of regulations and programs around the country that are in direct conflict with federal law."

Instead of stopping prosecutions, Montgomery says that he hopes Trump's administration will begin to reinforce existing laws to bring them into alignment. As for medical marijuana, Montgomery hopes that the Trump administration will put medical marijuana under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for an approval process like other pharmaceuticals.

He believes that marijuana should be cut off for people "abusing the medicinal-marijuana system" for their own recreational use of pot and states that have approved recreational usage.

"If this administration does not underscore that we are a nation of laws and not men, then we forgo the legitimacy of our system of federalism," Montgomery said. "Either this administration means what it says about law and order, or it's a farce. And in which case, Arizona should be able to pass its own immigration laws, should be able to pass its own laws and regulation on abortion, and the federal government should stay out of our business."

"We ought to end the charade, and the next administration has the opportunity to do so," he continued.