Bernie Sanders: Look beneath the surface when Trump attacks people
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) appears on MSNBC (Screen capture)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) weighed in on President-elect Trump's feud with Union Leader Chuck Jones Thursday Night in an MSNBC interview.

"What can we say?" he asked host Chris Hayes, noting that, after being appalled by Trump's actions for over a year, "The words 'incredible,' and 'unbelievable' are no longer applicable to Mr. Trump...he does one crazy thing after another."

But the attack on the union leader was personal to Sanders, who had breakfast with Jones on Election Day this year.

"To attack a local labor leader in Indianapolis who has fought valiantly for his workers to protect the jobs of his steel workers is really unbelievable," Sanders remarked, urging critics to not be fooled by appearances. "As is usually the case with Mr. Trump, there's more beneath the surface."

"That is what I think [Trump] was really doing; sending a message to the entire trade union movement.. 'Do not stand up and fight for working people, we're going to go after you,'" Sanders continued, adding that "We need to grow the trade union movement in America, we need to make it easier for workers to be able to engage in collective bargaining and what Trump is saying is exactly the opposite."

According to Sanders, "Chuck [Jones] has done a great job" and was completely in the right.

"More than half of the jobs are still going to be outsourced," Sanders explained, sharing Jones' frustration. "Trump told us he was going to stand up to large corporations outsourcing [jobs]. What he ended up doing in the case of United Technologies and Carrier is giving them a tax break.. Chuck Jones told the truth."

Watch the video, embedded below: