Of all the voices crusading against the so-called “War on Christmas,” perhaps no TV personality has lent their star power to the fight against encroaching secular influence that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Thursday, the O’Reilly Factor host proclaimed his side “won,” joking companies under Donald Trump will have to say Merry Christmas "or they will be deported."

“We won,” he wrote in a blog post on Fox News. “Most companies stopped the nonsense and Merry Christmas became a common greeting once again.” The host went on to lament “some on the the far left” who “denied there was any controversy at all and claimed that I fabricated it.”

O’Reilly called out the “companies that kind of marginalized Christmas”this year by failing to use the word in their holiday advertisements and promotion, including Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and Victoria’s Secret.

“Those companies are not in the Christmas spirit,” O'Reilly complained. “And that’s bad news for them, because Donald Trump is on the case.”

Referring to Trump’s promise to end the War on Christmas, O’Reilly praised the president-elect for telling a rally audience earlier this year, “We’re going to start saying Merry Christmas again!”

The left has long denied a concerted attack on Christmas or any other religious celebration, with Democrats often pointing to President Barack Obama’s yearly Christmas address to the nation. But no amount of physical evidence has managed to sway the conservative opinion that liberals hate Christmas.

O’Reilly joked companies should embrace “Merry Christmas” or risk being deported, before asking if “the Christmas deal” really matters.

“Since the War on Christmas has basically been won,” O’Reilly wrote. “This is a cleanup operation. But the information is valid. Many Americans celebrate Christmas because they believe that Jesus is the savior and his birth should be honored. And because it's a federal holiday, there is no reason to diminish Christmas or insult those who believe in it. Don't like Christmas? Ignore it.”

“Merry Christmas!” the conservative commentator concluded.