Black man embarrassed to drive after white vandals cover his entire car in racist graffiti
Vandals spray painted Reshod Johnson's car with racist graffiti after he left it alone for just 15 minutes (Screen cap via KTHV 11).

A black man in Arkansas was shocked to find his car completely defaced with racist graffiti after he left it parked for a mere 15 minutes.

Local news station KTHV 11 reports that Reshod Johnson, a resident of Jacksonville, Arkansas, found his car covered in spray-painted messages that said things such as "n*gger" and "KKK" after he stopped by his job earlier this week.

"I just don't understand it," Johnson told KTHV. "I don't do anything to hurt anybody. I don’t go out looking for trouble."

Johnson said that a friend who witnessed the vandalism saw two white men in a red pickup truck stop by his car and begin to vandalize it with spray paint. In addition to leaving racist graffiti, the two vandals also allegedly stole clothing and other valuables that were in the car.

The two vandals ran away after Johnson went back to his car and confronted them, but they still left him with a graffiti-covered car that he feels embarrassed to be seen in.

"We're supposed to have advanced past this and to serve the country and to serve for everyone and to fight for rights and freedom for everyone and for this to happen, it's like a slap in the face and makes you wonder for what," Johnson told KTHV.

Watch a local news report on the incident below.