Local dealership donates new car to black veteran whose car was vandalized with racist graffiti
Reshod Johnson (THV11, screenshot)

Over the weekend, Reshod Johnson's car was vandalized in Jacksonville, Arkansas with spray-painted messages, such as the n-word and "KKK." At the time he told KHTV, "I just don’t understand it. I don’t do anything to hurt anybody. I don’t go out looking for trouble."

According to Johnson's account, he went into his work place for 15 minutes, leaving his car parked outside. When he returned, it was covered in spray paint. Two white men in a red pick up truck were reportedly to blame for the incident.

However, things are looking up for Johnson. On Wednesday, KHTV reported that the team of Steve Landers Kia in Little Rock donated a new car to Johnson's family, noting it was "the least they could do for a veteran."

The Johnson family has also received a significant amount of support from the community.