BUSTED: Cops arrest masked man who was caught on video threatening DAPL protesters
A masked man threatens DAPL protesters (Screen cap).

Earlier this week, a disturbing video emerged of a masked man who accosted and threatened people who were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline -- and now the man allegedly behind the mask has been arrested.

The Bismarck Tribune reports that police have arrested 33-year-old Bismarck resident Jesse McLain, who was caught on video harassing and threatening people who were in North Dakota to protest the DAPL.

"Us North Dakota people are going to f*ck you up!" the man said at one point as he approached protesters who were staying at the Bismarck Ramada Inn.

Before issuing his threats to the protesters, McLain and an accomplice blocked them from leaving the hotel by parking their cars in front and the back of the protesters' vehicles.

McClain has been charged with terrorizing both the two protesters, as well as a bystander who took video of him on his phone.

The video of the threatening encounter follows below.