CNN national security expert concerned Trump can't 'acknowledge 2+2=4' on Russian hack
Jack Kingston, Carter Page, Juliette Kayyem, and Hilary Rosen (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's national security expert Juliette Kayyem is very concerned that President-elect Donald Trump seems to be too bogged down by the idea that Democrats are trying to steal his election that he's ignoring important security findings.

In a Friday night panel discussion during Don Lemon's show,

"Jack just said sort of Trump was going to stay above the fray," Kayyem said. "I think it's very important and for those of you two who might be closer to him than Hilary [Rosen] and I, the extent to which his inability to accept that two plus two equals four, which is that every -- he's the outlier here in terms of believing whether the hacks occurred. He doesn't have to care why, we don't need to prove the motivation that the hacks did occur."

Kayyem said that at this point, after the CIA, FBI and even Fox News have acknowledged that the United States was hacked by the Russian government, the fact that Trump hasn't "is now becoming embarrassing not just for him but this nation." She hoped that Trump could "find it within himself to reflect better on us for our national security purposes."

Both Jack Kingston and Trump staffer Carter Page lost their minds at Kayyem's comments. As if they couldn't see the forest through the trees they insisted that Trump does actually know math.

"If we're going to talk math, 308 electoral votes equals president of the United States and I wish the Democratic Party would accept that and move on," Kingston said.

Kayyem tried to explain it again to the two Republican men.

"Jack is misrepresenting me," she said. "He's misrepresenting me and I'm not on enough with the political people to allow that to happen which is this. 'Two plus two equals four' is that you have over two dozen intelligence agencies in concert now saying a hack occurred, it occurred by Russia and that the motivation was to harm one candidate."

Check out the exchange below and under that video is another in which Hilary Rosen explains that she finds it disturbing that the incoming president isn't playing the patriotic American and defending the country from a cyber war.

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