Conservative radio host caught in lie that Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang at Obama Inauguration
Ben Ferguson, Kate Bolduan and Symone Sanders (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative radio host Ben Ferguson, asserted that the woman that quit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir because she refused to sing for President-elect Donald Trump, once sang for President Barack Obama. In fact, Ferguson attacked the woman personally, claiming she was a "crybaby who never grew up" and engaged in an act of "self-righteous grandstanding."

Choir singer Janet Chamberlin alleged that the choir was "endorsing tyranny and fascism" by singing for Trump. But Ferguson couldn't believe the double standard.

"Was the choir endorsing abortion when they sang when Barack Obama was inaugurated?" Ferguson asked. "Because he's in favor of abortion? I think that would be something, obviously, she just stepped out from if she's going to claim this holy high ground now. This is nothing but a grandstanding individual who doesn't get her way so she says I'm going walk away. There are 360 people in the choir. Not all are going to be traveling. More importantly than that when it comes to religion you would think she may actually want to have influence over people that are about to run the government and have peace and harmony which is what the Tabernacle Choir claims to be about. This is nothing but self-righteous grandstanding from a crybaby who never grew up. And guess what? Not everyone believes everything you believe in."

There's just one problem with Ferguson's scathing hit job on Chamberlin, she never sang for Barack Obama's inauguration. In fact, no one in her choir did because the Mormon Tabernacle Choir didn't sing at Obama's inauguration.

A quick google search would confirm this, but it was CNN host Kate Bolduan who had to tell Ferguson that the choir released a statement saying it never happened.

Ferguson's response to the news was simply, "Well, there you go."

Watch the whole exchange below: