Ex-'Apprentice' staffers say Trump never used racial slurs -- but Tom Arnold insists video exists
Tom Arnold (Shutterstock)

Six former "Apprentice" staffers were unable to verify comedian Tom Arnold's claims about an outtake reel showing Donald Trump using racial slurs and other offensive language.

Arnold told KIRO-FM radio that he had a compilation video showing Trump "saying the N-word, saying the C-word (and) calling his son a retard," but the former employees said they'd never heard the former reality TV star-turned-president-elect use that language on the set, reported The Daily Beast.

“I never caught wind of anything like that [or] that going around,” said one former staffer, who -- like all the others -- spoke on the condition of anonymity due to a non-disclosure agreement. “We would have tried to get it, for sure ... but I like the idea that someone had some inflammatory tapes and chose Tom Arnold — naturally — to release them.”

That's not to say Trump behaved like a gentleman or a professional at all times on the set.

“I have no idea what he is even talking about,” another former staffer told the website. “He had nothing on his mind except for sex and saying a lot of offensive stuff, but if there’s video compilation like bloopers on a DVD where he’s saying c*nt and n****r, then I never heard of it or ... watched it.”

Arnold claimed during the radio interview that Arnold Schwarzenegger's agent called him two days before the election and asked him to share the video that, according to the comedian, had circulated within the entertainment industry.

He elaborated on those claims -- and slightly backed away from them -- in an interview with The Daily Beast.

“[Michael Kives] called me, sitting next to Hillary Clinton on her plane, and said, ‘The weight of the free world [is] on my shoulder,’ which is what I was told, which is bullsh*t,” Arnold told the website.

Arnold, who claims Trump's camp has threatened to sue over his claims about the video, said he does not currently possess a copy of the secret recordings.

“I was shown it with a password,” Arnold told the website, saying his access to the video was limited and has since expired.

It turns out the legal threat Arnold referred to was another reporter asking hypothetically whether he was worried about possible legal action, which he said his lawyer has been told is a possibility.

He said the former "Apprentice" staffers who cast doubts on his claims were "scared" of Trump or the show's creator, Mark Burnett, who has suggested himself that recordings exist of the president-elect acting in a vulgar or offensive manner on the TV show's set.

“One thing that I’m not is, I’m not a coward,” Arnold said. “A psycho, maybe — that’s what friends have said.”

Arnold said he hoped Burnett would release the recordings, which he continues to insist he and others have seen.

“If that happens, you’ll see it’s all true -- and if it’s bullsh*t, it’s bullsh*t,” Arnold said “If I’m a liar, I’m a liar -- but I’m not. Just watch it.”