'F*ck injustice': 4.0 GPA student quits Kansas State after first semester over college debt 'scam'
Billy Wilson says he quit college after the first semester (Facebook)

A student at Kansas State University revealed over the weekend that he quit college after the first semester even though he earned a 4.0 GPA.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Billy Wilson said that he was withdrawing from the university because he was "being put thousands into debt to learn things you will never even use."

"Yes I have dropped out after finishing my first semester (with a 4.0 GPA)," Wilson wrote. "And it's one of the best choices I've ever made. Not because I am adverse to learning, but actually the exact opposite."

"YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will see it some day," he continued. "Heck you may have already seen it if you've been through college. You are being put thousands into debt to learn things you will never even use."

"Wasting 4 years of your life to be stuck at a paycheck that grows slower than the rate of inflation. Paying $200 for a $6 textbook. Being taught by teacher's who have never done what they're teaching."

According to Wilson, "[a]verage income has increased 5x over the last 40 years while cost of college has increased 18x."

"You're spending thousands of dollars to learn information you won't ever even use just to get a piece of paper," he said. "Colleges are REQUIRING people to spend money taking gen. ed. courses to learn about the quadratic formula (and other shit they will never use) when they could be giving classes on MARRIAGE and HOW TO DO YOUR TAXES."

Wilson's conceded that not everyone would agree with his opinion, which sparked more than 3,000 replies on Facebook.

According to Time, college tuition alone has skyrocketed 42,930 percent in the last 100 years, while inflation has risen 2,263 percent.

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