FLASHBACK: These were the top 10 Trump surrogate meltdowns of 2016
Lewandowski, Hughes, McEnany and Lord, the Four Spokeshorses of the Apocalypes (Screen capture)

Although surrogates for Donald Trump got the last laugh after their candidate won the election, they nonetheless provided us with a lot of laughs of our own over the course of the campaign.

When it came to mangling facts, making illogical arguments, or just plain melting down emotionally, Trump's campaign surrogates in 2016 set the standard for inept punditry.

Below, we'll go through the ten absolute worst Trump surrogate meltdowns of 2016.

1.) Trump spokesperson Healy Baumgardner tells CNN that she's not qualified to speak on Trump's behalf.

Yes, when asked to explain her candidate's position on engaging in a debate with Bernie Sanders earlier this year, Healy Baumgardner said she had no answers because "only Mr. Trump speaks for Mr. Trump."

2.) Katrina Pierson blames President Obama for the death of Muslim American soldier Humayun Khan

Appearing on CNN, Pierson said that Khan would still be alive today if Obama hadn't weakened the rules of engagement to make it harder for our troops to battle the enemy. In reality, of course, Khan died all the way back in 2004 -- when Obama was still just a state senator from Illinois.

3.) Jeffrey Lord blames Trump's sexual assault boasts on the 1960s and the sexual revolution.

After video emerged of Trump bragging about grabbing women by their genitals, Jeffrey Lord knew exactly where to pin the blame: On "my generation where the sexual revolution and all of this sort of stuff– none of this stuff mattered."

4.) Scottie Nell Hughes says Trump bragged about barging into models' dressing rooms because he's "not a politician."

When he appeared on Howard Stern's show, Trump bragged about barging into models' dressing rooms unannounced at his beauty pageants just to gawk at them while they got changed. Hughes, however, said it was understandable why Trump would say this because at the time he "wasn’t running for president" and "was not a politician."

5.) Scottie Nell Hughes melts down after Ana Navarro says the word "p*ssy" on live TV.

In the wake of revelations that Trump once told Billy Bush that he could get away with grabbing women "by the p*ssy," Ana Navarro tore into Trump by quoting his words directly. Hughes, a good Christian mother, objected to Navarro using those words on live TV -- and Navarro proceeded to lay waste to her.

"You are willing to come on TV be an apologist for a candidate who is running for the highest office in the land, and yet is saying these words,” Navarro said. “Apparently, Scottie, when Donald Trump says ‘p*ssy,’ he’s referring to a baby cat."

6.) Katrina Pierson says that Donald Trump doesn't need to release his tax returns because doing so is just a "novelty tradition."

Yes, really: Pierson told Fox News host Arthel Neville that there really wasn’t any tradition of presidential candidates releasing their tax returns. Neville then pointed out the every presidential candidate since the 1970s has released their tax returns.

Pierson responded by calling this a “novelty tradition.”

7.) Betsy McCaughey says Democrats only want Trump to release his taxes so they can "tax shame" him.

In an attempt to once again deflect from the shady reasons that Donald Trump has refused to release his taxes, McCaughey said the only reason Democrats want to see them would be to "shame" him for being so successful.

When reporter Kurt Eichenwald mocked her arguments, McCaughey got visibly angry and yelled at him, "Stop interrupting me, you’re being very rude!"

8.) Michael Cohen is told in August that Trump is losing in the polls -- and he completely short circuits.

CNN host Brianna Keilar told Cohen that his candidate was currently trailing Hillary Clinton this past summer -- and he refused to believe it and replied, "Says who?"

Keilar replied that polls showed Trump down.

"What polls?" Cohen sneered.

"All of them," she said.

9.) Newt Gingrich loses it after Megyn Kelly asks if Trump is a "sexual predator."

Given that Trump boasted of groping women on camera, and that multiple women accused him of sexual assault throughout the campaign, Fox News's Megyn Kelly thought it would be fair to ask if Trump was a sexual predator. Newt Gingrich, however, thought otherwise and had a white-hot meltdown on TV.

"You could not defend that statement!" she shouted. "I’m sick and tired of people like you using language that’s inflammatory that’s not true!"

He then went on to accuse Kelly of being "fascinated with sex."

10.) Katrina Pierson delivers a logic-free rant that leaves MSNBC’s Kate Snow “speechless.”

When asked by Snow to talk about Trump's remarks that "Second Amendment people" could do something to stop Hillary Clinton from appointing judges if she got elected, Pierson said that Trump just wasn't a politician, so we shouldn't expect him to be exact with his words.

Snow pointed out that it's probably not a good idea to have a president who is so stunningly sloppy when communicating about his policies, and Pierson shot back with a truly nonsensical non-sequitur.

"He wasn’t talking about policy,” Pierson replied. “He wasn’t talking about implementation of policy. He was talking about what would happen if Hillary Clinton were to be elected and he was absolutely right.”

After a pause, Snow said she was left “speechless” by Pierson’s response and confessed that “I’m trying to follow your logic here, Katrina, and I’m having a hard time.”