‘He’s f*cking with people’: Bill Maher explains ‘toddler’ Trump’s cabinet picks
Bill Maher on Jimmy Fallon (Screen cap).

Bill Maher hasn't said a whole lot about President-elect Donald Trump since his stunning election victory, but that changed this week during an interview with Attn: where he talked about his personal horror at Trump's cabinet picks.

"The appointments are from opposite land," he said. "For education, somebody who doesn’t believe in public education. Ben Carson, for example, surgeon general, maybe because he was a surgeon. No, housing. Because what? He lives in a house? He’s just f*cking with people. Same thing with Romney. Just wanted to f*ck with him, just wants to f*ck with us."

Maher also talked about how Trump's authoritarian temperament and his lack of interest in following governing norms makes him uniquely dangerous when it comes to abusing power.

"It was funny before and now he’s a man with power, so all I could think is if he did that when he didn’t have power, what’s he going to do now that he has the FBI?" he asked. "I mean, George Bush hated me and I didn’t like him, but no matter how bad they were — all the Republicans — it was like a glass bottom boat. I’m looking at those sharks, but they can’t really get me. And now, I feel like the shark can get me or anybody."

Maher also found Trump's continued lack of impulse control and his inability to let any attack on him go unanswered to be particularly terrifying.

"Listen, how we are talking about the man who is going to be the leader of the free world, like a toddler?" he asked.

Watch the whole interview below.