Jimmy Kimmel introduces 'Trump on a Stump' -- to keep an eye on your kids and deport them if they're naughty
Jimmy Kimmel's "Trump on a Stump" -- (ABC screen grab)

Keeping in the spirit of the season, ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel introduced a replacement for the traditional holiday decoration, the "Elf on the Shelf."

Meet "Trump on a Stump."

"[Elf on the Shelf]  been around for a while now, and I worry that it's starting to lose its gravitas," Kimmel explained. "So this year, we came up with a new product that I hope will make your kids behave bigly."

With a mock commercial, the bright orange and grumpy-faced Trump -- in a blue elf suit -- is placed on the mantle to watch over kids and enforce good behavior.

"You never know where he'll pop up next," the voice over remarks, before referencing a recent report that some toys are collecting voice data from kids.

"He doesn't report to Santa; he reports directly to the Pentagon," viewers are told. "So when your child misbehaves, special analysts alert border patrol who immediately have him deported."

"Make your holidays great again with Trump on a Stump."

Watch the video below via ABC: