Joe Scarborough takes weird swipe at CNN’s Chris Cuomo after MSNBC colleague gives him second billing
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

CNN "New Day" Chris Cuomo must be getting under MSNBC host Joe Scarborough's skin because the first words out of his mouth Wednesday morning were slamming the other network.

Louis Burgdorf, whose MSNBC program airs earlier, gave Scarborough second billing in his segue into “Morning Joe," Mediaite noted.

That's when Scarborough started joking about ego.

“By the way, my agent wants to know -- Mike Barnicle gets top billing, really?” he asked.

Then Cuomo strangely came up.

“No, that’s the sort of thing somebody like Chris Cuomo would worry about. I’m good,” he quipped before turning to the news.

The feud has been quietly cooking over the years as the morning shows battle it out among the cable news ratings. "Morning Joe" has been in the second slot for 21 straight months and while MSNBC has been having lackluster ratings, the network scored big wins during the election.

In an interview with Vanity Fair last month, Scarborough slammed his CNN rival as "obviously unhinged." He further claimed, “We’ve never said anything bad about him, never said anything negative about the show, never said anything negative about the show. But he apparently is becoming unhinged for some reason.”

Cuomo nailed Scarborough during the election when the former Republican Congressman was becoming a "booster" for Donald Trump. He's also retweeted others who have called out the show as nothing more than "racist propaganda TV."

Watch the strange comments below: