Jury foreman reveals 5 jurors undecided of cop’s guilt despite video evidence in Walter Scott killing

The mistrial of Michael Slager -- the police officer who shot an unarmed black man five times in the back -- sparked outrage last week, and it turns out it wasn't just one rogue juror who refused to convict.

Speaking with NBC's Today on Thursday, jury foreman Dorsey Montgomery II said that in addition to the one juror who refused to convict Slager, there were five jurors who were undecided about his guilt, despite video evidence that clearly showed the officer shot unarmed civilian Walter Scott in the back as he was running away.

"We had one individual who was just deadlocked that he wasn’t changing, yet we had five individuals who were undecided," explained Montgomery, who said that he was prepared as a juror to convict Slager of voluntary manslaughter.

Despite this, Montgomery said that he believed the jury could have come back with a guilty verdict if they had been allowed to deliberate further "to see if we could sway that particular juror and get those who were undecided to make a decision."

Montgomery also said that racial biases weren't a factor for "the majority" of jurors, although he acknowledged that "due to the society that we live in, race will always be a factor."

Watch the full interview with Montgomery below.