Keith Olbermann: ‘We’ve elected a sh*tty businessman’ — and here’s how we’ll all pay for his mistakes
Keith Olbermann explains why Donald Trump is a 'sh*tty businessman' (Screen cap).

President-elect Donald Trump is still crowing about his deal to keep some Carrier jobs in Indiana -- although the more we learn about the deal's details, the less impressive it gets.

Keith Olbermann has posted a new video breaking down the Carrier deal, and he can only come to one conclusion: "We've elected a sh*tty businessman."

First, Olbermann mocks Trump's insistence that he will slap a 35% tariff on any companies who move their manufacturing businesses overseas, as that is actually the opposite of what he did with Carrier.

"Carrier got $7 million in taxpayer money from the state of Indiana to not move 800 jobs to Mexico, and it is still moving 600 jobs to Mexico -- and it's not facing a 35% tax for selling its Mexican-made products in the United States" Olbermann explains. "Donald Trump: Sh*tty businessman."

Olbermann then explains that slapping a 35% tariff on any company that outsources jobs to other countries will drastically reduce incentives to create new jobs here because companies will have to invest knowing that those jobs will have to be located in the U.S. "forever" if they don't want to be penalized.

He then points out that Trump's "economic strongman" shtick will get old very quickly for many businesses who value predictability.

"What kind of business wants to invest in a country where the economy is based not on regulations or even just patterns, but on the whim of one sh*tty businessman?" he asks.

Check out the whole video below.