It may seem like a frivolous lawsuit, but Chicago resident James W. Gertie thinks simple arithmetic proves his point.

The Chicago Daily Herald is reporting that Gertie, a bus driver from the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines, has filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's operator Karis Management Co. Inc. for allegedly using deceptive marketing to sell its "Extra Value Meals" to consumers.

At issue is the fact that Karis McDonald's franchises in Cook and Lake counties sell a two-cheeseburger "Extra Value Meal" that actually costs $0.41 more than what you'd have to pay if you bought all the items in the meal separately.

"The reason that I am doing this is not about the 41 cents," Gertie told the Daily Herald. "It's because of the principle. A value meal is supposed to be a cheaper price. That's the whole point of a 'value' meal. I believe in the principle of true advertising."

The Daily Herald also notes that "if a judge grants class-action status to the lawsuit, damages would be sought on behalf of customers who purchased the two cheeseburger Extra Value Meal during an unspecified time period at Karis' McDonald's restaurants," so it's entirely possible that lots of fast-food fans could be getting refunds in the future after being over-charged for meals.