Michael Moore lays out five ways you can combat the 'mindf*ck' of a Trump presidency
Michael Moore appears on Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore on Tuesday outlined the “5 things you can do right now about Donald Trump,” laying out the steps disaffected citizens can take to reengage in the political process and “make [their] presence known.”

Noting it’s seven weeks since Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton lost the presidency despite beating Trump by 2.9 million votes, Moore reminded supporters “all hope is not lost.”

“If your head is still spinning from that mindf*ck, or you can't quite believe a malignant narcissist will now sit in the Oval Office, or if you are simply still working your way through the 17 stages of grief, then I am here to say to you, 'There's no crying in TrumpLand -- Let's get to work!' All hands on deck,” Moore wrote on his Facebook page.

Moore argued the “first thing we all have to do in order to move on is to admit … As bad as we know it's going to be, it's actually going to be worse. A lot worse.” And, once that’s said and done, he added, it’s time to act.

The first step on Moore’s list is for voters to pressure lawmakers—in person—to challenge the Trump administration at every turn. “You then must politely tell them you and everyone you know will work to unseat them in 2018 if they don't act independently from Trump,” the filmmaker wrote.

Moore then encouraged Democrats to write to the Democratic National Committee “and tell them you want them to elect Congressman Keith Ellison as the new chairperson of the Democratic Party.” Moore called Ellison the “future” of the party, adding “the progressive wing … must take us forward.” Ellison, Moore wrote, “will fight to turn this around and, as a son of the Midwest, bring that part of the country back from the dark side.”

Moore also encouraged citizens to form their “own rapid response” team—a group of people organized to mobilize at any given moment. Pending any actions by the Trump administration, Moore explains “Your Rapid Response Team will agree with each other to email elected reps, make calls, post on social media, go to protests and/or organize others at work, school or in the neighborhood.”

He also encouraged voters to plan to attend protests during the weekend of the inauguration. “Everyone who can should be there,” Moore wrote. “If you can't make it, find (or organize) a local protest in your area. Take the day off. No one should be silent that day.”

The progressive filmmaker previously urged protestors to “disrupt” Trump’s inauguration, encouraging voters to engage in acts of civil disobedience against the incoming administration.

Finally, Moore suggested Democrats “should run for office.”

“It's time to stop carping about politicians and become one,” Moore wrote, later adding, “ You know you can do this. We have no choice.”

“Haven’t you had enough?” he concluded. “Run for office, any office!”

Read Moore’s full post below, via Facebook: