Nightclub in Istanbul attacked by gunman dressed as Santa — 35 dead; dozens injured
(Photo via @emergenza24/Twitter)

Media outlets are reporting a late-night attack in Istanbul, Turkey where a gunman opened fire on a famous nightclub. Authorities have not yet released information about whether the gunman was captured or is on the loose.

CNN correspondent Ian Lee reported that police were prepared tonight, anticipating something could happen. CBS News reports that at least 35 people are dead, including one police officer, and dozens are injured. Approximately 800 people are thought to have been inside celebrating New Year's Eve.

Private NTV television reported that some jumped into the Bosporus Strait trying to escape the gunmen.

Turkish news site Son Dakika reported Saturday night that the gunmen were said to be wearing Santa Claus costumes.

Brief survalence footage shows a few seconds of the incident:

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