Professor goes into hiding after pro-Trump right-wingers bombard her with death threats
A woman hides behind a book (Shutterstock).

Ever since Donald Trump won last month's presidential election, some of his more ardent supporters have taken to targeting left-wing academics as part of a coordinated harassment campaign.

Now one professor who called Trump's election an "act of terrorism" has gone into hiding after several Trump supporters targeted her with death threats.

Per AlterNet, Olga Perez Stable Cox, a psychology instructor at Orange Coast College, has fled the state of California after some Trump supporters began circulating both her photo and her home address.

Rob Schneiderman, president of the local teachers' union, said that she is only leaving California "for a period" of time until things calm down.

Among other things, Trump supporters have sent her messages threatening to "put a bullet" in her face, and have generally lead a non-stop harassment campaign against her ever since video emerged of her criticizing the president-elect.