Racist pro-Trump ranter accused of lying about being attacked after charges dropped against suspect
A Trump voter berates shoppers and employees at a Michaels in Chicago (Screen cap).

Charges have been dropped against a man who had allegedly assaulted a woman who was caught on video delivering a racist rant in a Chicago-area crafts store last month.

DNA Info reports that charges against 29-year-old Ramiz Bajwa were dropped this week after his accuser,  Jennifer Boyle, failed to show up in court.

Stephane Jean-Louis, a friend of Bajwa's, tells DNA Info that Bajwa never assaulted Boyle, and said that the two got into an argument after Bajwa accidentally rang her doorbell.

Specifically, Jean-Louis tells the publication that "although he heard the woman yelling at Bajwa and the two arguing," for a short time,  he "did not hear a scuffle ensue, and the woman was already walking back up the stairs by the time he'd gotten to the hallway."

"He can't even push her through that [front] door — you have to pull that door to get it open," Jean-Louis said Thursday. "There was no noise, nothing at all to make anyone seem like they were even pushed through the door."

Boyle first entered the national spotlight in November, when she was filmed berating a black employee at a Michael's crafts store by calling her an "animal" and declaring her allegiance to President-elect Donald Trump.