Republican leader explains why the GOP has a big problem with racism
Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin (Screen cap).

Republican upstart Evan McMullin -- the mainstream GOP alternative to President-elect Donald Trump -- is cautioning his party that it has a deeply rooted vein of racism that needs to be addressed and that the party's leadership is ignoring it.

In a series of tweets that used Trump advocate Carl Paladino's offensive comments about First Lady Michelle Obama as a jumping off point, McMullin said talk like Paladino's wont go away on its own.

Paladino proved to be an embarrassment to both the Trump campaign and his family after saying Michelle Obama would be resuming her life as "a man" and that she should be “let loose” in Africa so she could live with apes.

According to McMullin, Paladino is not the exception in the party, writing: "Racism like @CarlPaladino's and that of others in the GOP won't just go away on its own. It's a problem that requires better leadership."

Then came a series of warnings for Republicans.

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